YOU ARE ENGAGED! Need Vendors now

Congratulations! Christmas, New Years, Valentines day  are the biggest gift giving days for Engagement rings. When you get that ring then what? Answer: Its time to meet up with vendors.

Its important to get your venue first to make sure that they have the date available for you, then you really need to start charging out at the other vendors to get booked. You certainly do not want to wait till the last minute, because your professional vendor may very well be booked and then you are, Well left scrapping the bottom of the barrel and not getting nearly what you wanted.

You want a professional we have honestly had to re-do weddings for couples that went cheap on the photography its a very very sad thing when you get your photos and they no where near the expectations you had. Look at reviews ask friends use several resources.

Its your day you want to enjoy it. We would love to be a part of it and hope to chat with you soon.



I want a Destination wedding in Florida

We hear this all the time, couples dream weddings.
They say it “I want a Destination wedding in Florida,” and of course they would the beaches are amazing and so many to choose from our much smaller beaches to very large beaches. What a awesome way to incorporate a vacation, honeymoon, have family and friends all together at a destination event. Some small and some large, we have some with 100 guest and there are some just the couple, officiant and photographer. So whatever suits you we can help you with it.  You can simply contact us to help you with a photographer and officiant package, we would love to hear about your plans and help you with anything. I love talking to people and asking how they made the decision to have a Destination wedding in Florida and its always different, they may know someone that lives here, they came here years ago as a family vacation, they simply just found a Florida beach online. It is beautiful here there is no doubt, however couple things to consider how you and your guest may tolerate heat. For example, here in Florida Tampa bay area June and August seems to be our hottest months with high humidity. Its just something for you to think about especially if you may have older guest or much younger guest it can be a lil uncomfortable. Myself I moved here cause I prefer to be warm versus cold, but these months are pretty warm. November, December, January, February SUPER AWESOME TIME! The weather is awesome the beaches are not as full. “Just something to think about” that is my helpful imput for the day hehehehehe. These guys here did it right here in the middle of August but they are young and certainly could endure a lot LOL, an absolute HOOT! Thats important ENJOY your day, thats why you chose a Destination wedding in Florida RIGHT?!

Beach wedding in Florida
Love the dress
“I DO”

Packing the guns lol

Set up

beach wedding in Florida

Pass a Grille Florida – Beach Weddings

Pass a Grille Florida  Beach Weddings

Professional photography working with fun creative couples, I love how these guys did the rings in the shell and they brought out their beloved four-legged family member ADORABLE.  It is such a good time with our beach weddings here in Florida.  Our couples come from all over, to be here on the Pass a Grille Beach to tie the knot, of course why not its FABULOUS HERE!  Love to see the creativity our couples come up with for the big day. Most our weddings on the beach last about 2 hrs always a minimum of a hour. We have done it in a hour buts its tough, we always want to be careful not to stress our couples out and trying to work in a hour to have the ceremony and to get beautiful photos can be a little challenging. So we advise our couples to give themselves enough time. The one thing I constantly harp on and for good reason, PLEASE DO NOT be late on your wedding day, no day should you be but no doubt when you are having a sunset beach wedding and you arrive to get married when the sun is setting. Photography wise there is nothing you can do at this point, photos will look as they have been taken in a dark cave not on a beautiful beach, For this reason it is so important that you plan your day so that you can arrive and get married on time. We are very creative with lighting on Florida Beaches but there is nothing any professional photographer can do if the sun has gone. My concern is that I want our couples to get the most from there photography and being late makes it impossible to full fill that need for our beautiful fun couples. It honestly is heartbreaking because I know thats what they are their for memories on white sandy florida beaches. But couples no matter where you get married it is always important that you are on time, this is how you can get the MOST out of the day, otherwise you are cheating yourself.
You know that the sunset photos are the most amazing and should not be missed.

Wedding fun be your self
Pouring of the sand

The happy I can NOT wait look


Florida sun shines on this beautiful couple

Florida sun shines on this beautiful couple.


Getting married on the beach with a golden sunshine and a great breeze fantastic, also SUNSETS WOW those really rock. This wedding was at Pass a grill Florida a BEAUTIFUL beach and very popular for weddings.
When I ask couples how does the beach feel or why they chose the beach, they give responses that are very common, for example peaceful, calm, Blissful, relaxed. It makes the wedding day less stressful. The Florida Sun shine is wonderful calming solution to day that is on the beach. Having your feet in the sand, watching the magic of the sea and its beauty roll up to your feet on the beach. The most perfect place for a wedding. Smiles for miles with these destination and local weddings. Love Florida sun shine we all do! Ask about our inclusive wedding packages

Wedding plans

We are so excited to talk to you and hear about your wedding plans,  come and see how the Florida Sunshines. Questions we are here to help and work with you.

Beautiful people
Oh the first look so beautiful

Its good to have Fun on your day!

Yes, Its good to have fun at a wedding! Thats what its all about right enjoying the day. Memories to talk about forever, with photographs to show. How exciting when your children and grandchildren will be, to see these wonderful fun memories of you. But its ok if you are a little more reserved. Just make sure you make the best of the day. Enjoy it with your friends and families. Biggest goal of the day enjoy it relax, let what happens happen. Stress and worry does not make any situation better. We really hope to help with that by, helping you relax and enjoying the day

You are young, you are beautiful, you are happy, YOU ARE IN LOVE! Have fun at a wedding.

Lifestyle Photography

What beautiful people

Lifestyle photography with beautiful people, inside and out describes Leyla and Todd. So much fun with these guys. We all loved the sky that was made for us that day. Slight overcast giving us a little more drama. This photo session was taken out at the beautiful  A beautiful beautiful place.  They requested as most do to have their session on Florida’s beach, why not right its amazing here in Florida.

Pass a Grille Florida Beach

Pass a Grille beach is one of my favorite places to shoot. It helps avoiding some of the crowds going all the way to the end by the beautiful inter-coastal.

This was kinda a last minute shoot on Florida’s beach but it all worked out, it is best to provide a 2 week notice, However we are here to help you so don’t hesitate to check with us.

We really enjoy working with people and future friends here on Florida’s beach.

Hope to hear from you soon

-Dorothy Smith

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In love in Florida

In love in Florida

Photos on the beach

In love on the florida beaches

Photography at the beach

Photography on the beach

Married at Sunset in Clearwater Florida

Married at Sunset in Clearwater Florida

What a great choice a glowing sunset tonite. Nice breeze yep this is the place to get married. What a view, and what a awesome family and couple. Thank you guys God Bless you. YOU are AWESOME.  Contracted with Roger Slater on this job. He is awesome too! Yes, LOVE IS AT THE BEACH!

Married at Sunset in Clearwater Florida

Married at Sunset in Clearwater Florida

Married at Sunset in Clearwater Florida

Married at Sunset in Clearwater Florida

Married at Sunset in Clearwater Florida

Married at Sunset in Clearwater Florida

Married at Sunset in Clearwater Florida
Wedding at sunset


We got married on the beach

It was a very over cast evening and was getting dark quickly, but it worked out great got some unique looks with the couple and they were completely happy. They were just Thankful to have each other and enjoy the evening. We had a blast with them, the family and friends. Destination weddings in Florida, at Siesta Key June 2017. Beach weddings are AWESOME! 


Something to think about when choosing a photographer

When choosing a photographer make Sure Your Personalities Mesh

Don’t underestimate the importance of liking and bonding with your photographer. Is the photographer excited by your vision when you describe it? When they make suggestions, do they present them in a clear and respectful way, or are they timid? Are their mannerisms off-putting? In order to get the best photos, go with a pro who has a firm grasp of social graces but is bold enough to go out hunting for great images and who, above all, puts you at ease and doesn’t irritate you in any way. Remember: They’ll be shadowing your every move, and the more comfortable both of you are with the photographer, the better the photos will turn out. Likewise, you don’t want the photographer to offend or annoy any guests, but to shoot them in their best light in an unobtrusive way. To get the best photos, your photographer needs to be assertive enough to seek out great moments, cajoling enough to coax relaxed smiles and natural stances from guests, and calm enough to be a positive force. They should ask lots of questions and be a good listener.